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I had six fanfiction stories that were unfinished, some going back to 2007/2008 and I honestly thought that I was never going to finish them. However, at the end of January I decided that I wasn’t going to leave them unfinished anymore and I sat down and in the past week or so I’ve been able to finish the six stories that were left to languish on One story was for the BBC’s Merlin, another was for Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, one was for Stargate SG1 and the other three were for Stargate Atlantis. As I look at my stories now, I realize that I don’t have to leave stories unfinished. Even if I’ve lost the inspiration for them, I am able to pull it together to finish what I started, and it’s just another lesson that fanfiction has taught me.


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I didn’t think I’d go back to it, but here I am working on fanfiction. My original novel (the first one I’ve ever completed) is still being reworked and thus I have gone back to working with someone else’s characters and I do believe that my new MERLIN fanfiction story will end up being quite good. It’s entitled Chosen for You and is a tale about Morgana & Merlin.


Morgana looked down on the sleeping boy. Her and Merlin had been talking about magic and Morgana said what she had begun to believe, though she still chose her words carefully. “What if you don’t chose magic?” she asked tentatively. “What if it chooses you?”

Morgana paused and turned to Merlin, who was saying nothing. He was just staring at her intently. “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked with anaccusatory tone but the curious look in Merlin’s face did not change. “Merlin!?”

“Do you really mean that?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Mean what?”

“Do you really believe that magic is chosen for a person and not by them?”

Morgana paused. She did believe in what she had said but she wasn’t sure whether Merlin was questioning her because he believed the same or because he was Arthur’s spy. ‘But why would he spy for Arthur andUther?’ she questioned in her mind. ‘After all, he is the one that brought to boy to me, he is the one who saved the boy from Uther’s guards. How can he believe as they do and do all that at the same time?’

“Morgana?” Merlin asked tentatively. “Do you–?”

“I do,” she answered, cutting him off in the process. “I believe that magic chooses the person. The person doesn’t chose magic.”

Merlin let out an audible sigh of relief.

“What?” asked Morgana curiously. “What is it?”

“I have been waiting a long time to hear someone say that.”

And there you have it. I wonder where this little drabble will lead me.

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So this isn’t a post about my regular writing–it’s about fan writing. Fan fiction is a wonderful tool. For me I get very into the shows I watch and quite often the voices of the characters start talking in my head. Last night was one of those moments. I had just finished watching the new ABC show called Castle when they showed the preview for the season finale. In it, the main character Richard Castle played by Nathan Fillion gets shot–or at least Kate Beckett (the other main character) is told that someone has gotten shot. I just assumed that it was Castle. And from that little preview I came up with this which is just a little drabble, a speculation on what is to come. Gotta love fan fiction.

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Damn voices in my head….

I was a vampire. It wasn’t something that I had wanted, but the more I thought of it the more I realised that this was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Thanks to James, and I couldn’t believe that I was actually thanking that evil creature, but thanks to James I was going to be able to stay with Edward and the Cullens forever. As I stared at my reflection in the mirror that Alice had brought for me I wondered what kind of vampire I would make. Would I be as klutzy as I had been as a human? Would I get into as much trouble? Would I still attract as much unwanted attention by the vampire world? There were so many questions, but I really didn’t care. I was a vampire, and that fact filled me with more happiness than I had ever known.

When the voices start echoing in my head I have to write it down or else they won’t disappear. It’s kinda horrible but can’t be avoided since there are so many characters of my own creation and that I’ve read rambling up in my noggin. This was only a fraction of what I wrote, but it DID take away from my essay writing time…speaking of which I have 1909 words out of 2500-3000k. I’m getting there, slowly.

Must. Get. Back. To. Work.

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I should be working on the essay that’s due the day after tomorrow, but when inspiration hits I have to go for it. Hence, that’s why I wrote this little darling. It’s the beginning of a Twilight fanfiction story that is an alternate to New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. It’s entitled ‘A Different Dawn’ and deals with the premise that Bella was turned by the venom of James. The story starts with her turning.

Here’s a snippet;

I was on fire. I couldn’t figure out what was going on or which way was up or down. The last thing that I remembered was the sounds of something being ripped apart and the image of Edward, my love saying that he was going to make the pain go away. But it didn’t go away. The pain didn’t go away […] After who knows how much time the pain finally began to lessen. The fire ebbed from my veins and I began to hear snippets of conversation. I caught the names of people that I knew but it was Edward’s voice that became a life line for me. It anchored me to myself and I began to pull out of the fire…finally it disappeared completely and I opened my eyes. “Bella?” asked Edward…

So there you have it, just a little bit of the beginning. I don’t know how long this story will go, or if I’ll ever continue it but right now I have school writing to deal with.

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