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So I think I’ve lost my muse for writing…at least temporarily. This happens to me every once in a while. I’ll want to write something creative, like I do now, and yet nothing will come out of my fingertips. It’s like my imagination is dry even though I have random plot bunnies popping up at random intervals. It is the most annoying thing in the world.

Sometimes I think that I’m trying to hard when I get like this…it’s as though I feel that every word has to be 100% publishable and that what I come up with has to be brilliant….I don’t know how to get out of that funk. Usually when that happens I turn to fan fiction but even my Twilight story couldn’t help me today…not that it should have been helping me today since I was studying for exams….still maybe I should try and write out a page or something for my Oracle story.

Maybe I just need to write and keep writing no matter what….like Mr. Young my grade 12 Writer’s Craft class said YOU CAN’T WAIT FOR INSPIRATION, YOU HAVE TO GO AFTER IT WITH A CLUB. Meaning? Write, write and write some more no matter what it is that you’re writing. We’ll see how that goes.

The problem is is that so much of what I write is based on inspiration…if I’m watching skating I want to write my skating story…if I’m watching Star Wars I want to work on my epic space opera….if I’m watching Lord of the Rings I want to go back to my epic fantasy…anything else can fit into this as well…maybe I should just not wait for inspriation and just not write for the sake of writing. Maybe I have to read.

I have been reading Brian Jaques Redwall the last couple of days…and I do have a bunch of books that I got for Christmas left to read…maybe I should work on them and let inspiration strike….then again maybe not…..

*ugh* sometimes being a writer can be so freaking frustrating.


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I have an idea. A bloody brilliant idea. The story will be called Chasing Time and it deals with the story of a girl named Avery Barnes who is charged with travelling through time to figure out not only the secrets of humanity, but of all creation. Avery travels through time picking up various pieces until she figures out that the creatures who are helping her are really the creators of all. By learning this she brings the creators and their celestial legacy to humanity and in the end saves it….

…the only question now is do I write this story for April’s wrimo or July’s wrimo or NANO in novemebr? I don’t think that I can wait for november and I don’t think that I can wait till july either…and while I want to write this story now because I am so inspiried I have already started with my skating story and I don’t want to abandon that. The sooner I write my skating story the sooner I can send it out and the sooner it can get published…I’m working on an end date of eleven months here….

…what to do. What to do….

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