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Contemporary Romances

I never know what sort of story I’m going to write until I actually sit down and write it, but the last couple that I have been working on, have been in the contemporary romance genre.

There’s my novel “When Roses Turn to Stone” which I put forward for this years Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. I made it through the first one, which was decided based on the pitch alone, but it didn’t make it through the next round due to the actual writing. That’s the second time in my writing career that I have heard my critique, and all it serves to do is make me want to edit the manuscript more. I’ve already started doing that, I’m on chapter eleven of about thirty right now, and with every word I change, I feel like it is becoming the manuscript that it was meant to be, which is very exciting.

I’m also writing a whole new project, sort of. I started it back in November for NaNo, but the plot never felt just right to me. I couldn’t figure it out, and I didn’t have the energy to even try. But a couple months ago, I decided that I liked the main premise and the characters too much to let them go. So I started re-writting the beginning, and the story has taken off in a completely different direction. I’m super happy with the way it is going and I expect it to be done by the end of summer, or late September at the very latest.

And then there is the project that I started for the class I took at Sheridan. I always liked the idea of the novel, and why wouldn’t I? It was the first contemporary romance plot that I ever thought up, and the characters became quite real to me. However, all the time that I was writing, there was something missing with the plot. I thought it was due to the structure of the class, but I realized the other night that it was because of a fundamental flaw in the story. It was missing a sub-plot, an element of danger, some major obstacle for my characters to overcome, and once I found it, everything just fell into place. I’m not going to write this story now (although it is sketched out) I am going to save it for this years NaNo 🙂

So, there you have it. I have three stories on the go (sort of ) and they’re all in a genre and style that I never saw myself writing. That’s the beauty of my muses, they say jump and I answer; how high 🙂


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Inspiration and Goals

First, the inspiration. On June 8th, I– along with my little sister and two friends (one from Oz and the other from around the corner) drove nearly five hours to Medina, Ohio. Aside from getting stopped at the boarder for nearly an hour so my Australian friend could get her passport checked and processed through immigration, the drive down was uneventful. Fun, but leisurely and quite uneventful. The reason for the trip was a whole other matter. For years I have followed an author– by my reckoning I first found her story in 2003 and she is now published.

5911_643761262303900_1925006202_nI’m of course talking about Sarah J. Maas who is the author of the Throne of Glass series and the inspiration behind me starting my very own writing blog. Well, she and her other author friends (Susan Dennard, Kat Zhang and Erin Bowman) decided to go on a Authors Give Back Tour of the eastern USA and I just knew that I had to meet her (and the other’s too because I have read their books and loved them all). The picture is the picture of the five of us together. They are such inspirations and I can only dream to have my books published as they have. It was so awesome to meet them and the comments that they wrote in my books were just heart-warming. I am totally in awe of all four of them and beyond thrilled that I got to meet them for they are where the inspiration comes in.


“SoulShip” is my science-fiction baby and while I got the finished copies (they are beautiful) I have come to the startling realization that my one book can actually be spread out over three. There is so much more story to tell and my beloved characters won’t leave me alone. New characters are popping up into my head all the time and the story keeps expanding. So I have decided that this summer’s project will be to write book one of the Mind Bender trilogy.

Book One, Ghost in the Machine will take roughly the first 10k of the original and then completely go off in a different direction. Book Two will be from the original 10k mark to either the 57k or 67k mark. I haven’t quite decided yet and it depends on how much extra room the new side mission takes up. Book Three with go from the 57 – 67k mark to the end. But it will be a lot more drawn out. I have a rather epic battle scene at the end and I need to show the Rebellion forming which is what book three is going to be all about.

My goal, as I have said is to have book one written by the end of summer and edited by the end of the year. I hope to be querying it off around Christmas and my fingers will be crossed for something good to happen. ^_^

The only other goal that I have set myself for this summer is to read all six “Anne” books by LM Montgomery. I read “Anne of Green Gables” as a child but never read the sequels. I am nearly 3/4 of the way through book one and loving it! I can’t wait to go onto book two. ^_^

So yes, those are my goals for the summer… I shall be crossing my fingers daily in the hopes of completing all of them. ^_^

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Embracing Me

So this the first post of the new year… and truth be told I haven’t done a lot of writing so far. I tried to write a short story back in January but that fell by the wayside. I attempted (briefly) to edit my novel from November but that too seemed to be impossibly difficult. Instead I focused inward and really looked at what sort of stories I wanted to write.

I thought that I had stumbled upon the answer… that I wanted to be known for great contemporary love stories. Real world fiction as it were. Books in the general fiction section. But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I couldn’t just pick a genre out of the hat and say that that is what I’m going to write.

No, I decided that I would have to embrace whatever stories my muses decided to tell. Last November it was a Science-Fiction story, the year before that it was YA Contemporary Fantasy, the year before that it was Detective. I have to write the stories that are in me to write. I have ideas and notions and when the right story comes along, I will write it… and try to pursue it to publication in one form or another.

^_^ It feels as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I find myself suddenly able to edit and add to that which has been incomplete for over three months… and the next project will be re-writing my time travel story which is another story that just won’t let me go. ^_^

I don’t want to jinx myself, but I would like to think that my muses are warming up again.

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A Fifth of the Way There

So after hardly writing anything all year, National Novel Writing Month has arrived. I started the month with some trepidation, because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write, however yesterday with only five days in I managed to get a fifth of the way to my goal of 50k words.

I feel remarkably good about this story so far and I’m taking a rather long time to get through my outline which again is a brilliantly good thing. ^_^ Science-fiction seems to agree with me and I can’t wait to see where my characters are taking me (even though I know the end game) next. ^_^

Oh, and Happy Election Day to all those in the USA. My fingers are crossed that things remain in the blue and don’t descend into the red, but really who knows what’s going to happen.

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Cover Art


“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is a good motto to go with however how many of us are initially drawn to books because of their cover? I know that I’m guilty of that. I look at cover’s first, back blurbs second, inside flap’s third and finally I read the first page. If that grabs me I move onto the first chapter and if I’m still interested then I read the book… but I digress. Ever since I’ve been introduced to Photoshop and other manipulation tools I have enjoyed creating my own cover art. This year’s NaNo is no exception… though it is the first time that I’ve done the cover art before I’ve only completed the story. I’ve done two versions too and I can’t quite decide which one that I like better.

The one on the left is the first one that I did. I like it ’cause it shows the main character centre and her two love interests on either side (and yes that’ Robert Duncan, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas as actor stand ins for this story) but my friends said that it was too confusing, so I created the one on the right.

It shows the same three characters only my female main character is on the right and the other human is on the left. In the centre is the third main character who spends the vast majority of the story as a disembodied consciousness. I have no idea which cover is better, or which one that I like more… they both capture the feeling that I was looking for and they both inspire me greatly for the month ahead. ^_^


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Lack of Inspiration or Too Much?

So after reading such a wonderful novel (as was Throne of Glass) I was inspired to dive into my own writing yesterday but found that I couldn’t write a word whether it be new or to edit something that I have on the back burner. Today is the same and I’m sure that tomorrow will follow this pattern. This has always been my stumbling block. I have so many ideas. Too many ideas really and not enough will power to write them. I have a couple half-finished YA novels that I would REALLY like to get back to, but the problem is that I don’t know which one to start on. Add to that the fact that I have SO many new ideas and I feel lost in s sea of inspiration. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

While I think about what to do, I just don’t write and with each day that passes without me writing I feel more and more guilty. Last year I wrote SO much. 12 original stories, one of them being 50k and 27 stories of fan fiction, one of which was over 100k. This year, I’m reading a lot more. I’ve already read as many books this year as I did last year, but I do feel like I’m going stir crazy or something. The voices of my characters whisper in my head and while I want to sit down and write I find that I just can’t.

*facepalm* So what do I do when this happens? I read some more and then feel inspired to write my own stuff, and then the cycle starts all over again. So to those of you who do read my blog I ask this of you; what do you do when you find that you have too much inspiration that you can’t focus on one thing at a time, or too little inspiration that you find that you can’t write at all.

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From CreateSpace with Love

So last year, I got a free proof copy for my 2010 National Novel Writing Month Novel “Stealing Heart” and this year I got FIVE free copies of my 2011 National Novel Writing Moth Novel “Circle of Light” which came on Monday! ^_^ The books look gorgeous, though the back cover blurb leaves something to be desired. When I was writing it out I realized that while I know what my book is about, it was super hard to break that down into something that would seem interesting. *sigh* Oh well. No biggie I guess considering that this is just for me and me alone, though it has it’s own ISBN number and could be sold on CreateSpace & Amazon if I was so inclined. Which I am, but I’m not at the same time. I really, REALLY want to be published the ‘normal’ way but I am really proud of this novel and I think that after a couple more revisions (mainly looking at grammar issues which I always skim past) I think that I could maybe possibly have something… but then again I could not. Either way, I have my novel in print once again and I’m super stoked about it. ^_^

The back cover, the acknowledgements and the the table of contents.



A couple pages from the beginning half of the book.






So, yeah. That’s my book. It’s not perfect, it’s not published, but it’s mine. All mine. ^_^


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