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So oh, my god. Last night I had the best experience ever. I went to see Star Wars in Concert at the ACC in Toronto (that’s the Air Canada Centre) and my god. It was amazing. Like bloody brilliant. Like totally jaw-dropping awe-inspiring, breath-taking wow kinda amazing.

Matty and I had the absolute best seats. We were sitting directly across from the orchestra. We weren’t on the sides of the arena and we were in row 18 section 103. We were at screen hieght and while it would have been nice to have been on the floor, I totally would have gotten a crick in my neck. So, best seats in the house. The image is basically what we saw–on telezoom–but the angle is right.

As for the performance–man did it go by quick. They did the major themes (Droids! Rise of a hero! An unlikely Alliance, Across the Stars (my fav) etc) and the shots of the movie were so perfectly timed. They started by playing the THX and the Fox Searchlight opening and then of course the A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… title and then it started.

Anthony Daniels was amazing as the narrator and the orchestra was beautiful. What they say is true–there is no beating the actual experience of hearing the music live. The orchestration was just jaw-dropping. I’ve never heard the music sound so good and now I so wish that I had taped it. Hopefully George Lucas will release it on DVD.

As a souvenir I got a little lightsabre key chain and I got one for my parents and sister. Matty didn’t want one. Overall it was a kick-ass awesome experience and I wish that I could have held on to more images from the concert in my brain.


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