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10/03/09: 23 words / 1 min
10/04/09: 36.5 words / 1 min
10/05/09: 35.5 words / 1 min
10/06/09: 27.1 words / 1 min
10/07/09: 38 words / 1 min
10/08/09: 20.4 words / 1 min
10/09/09: 20 words / 1 min
10/10/09: 47 words / 1 min
10/11/09: 30 words / 1 min
10/13/09: 30 words / 1 min
10/14/09: 22 words / 1 min
10/15/09: 19.4 words / 1 min
10/16/09: 27 words / 1 min
10/17/09: 26 words / 1 min
10/18/09: 33.3 words / 1 min
10/19/09: 31.6 words / 1 min
10/20/09: 26.8 words / 1 min
10/21/09: 27 words / 1 min
10/22/09: 27 words / 1 min
10/23/09: 42 words / 1 min
10/24/09: 43.5 words / 1 min
10/25/09: 45 words / 1 min
10/26/09: 35 words / 1 min
10/27/09: 33 words / 1 min

With four days left to go I think that I’m doing okay and hanging steady with my word counts. ^_^


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2009 PROMPT 1

10 minutes, 306 words handwritten.

It was a birthday of sorts but certainly not what was expected after all. Anna was a vampire after all and vampires usually didn’t celebrate birthdays. yet Anna’s John decided that after two hundred years or so of not having a birthday, she was going to have one.

“I really don’t think that this is going to be a good idea,” Anna told John the night before her party. “I mean, who’s going to come?”

“Lots of people,” John promised with a smile. “I invited nearly every history student that I know.”

Anna looked to John sceptically. “How in the world are three hundred crazy drunks going to fit in our little flat

“Apartment,” John corrected. “Our apartment.”

“Flat, apartment, it doesn’t really matter.” Anna went on. “Either way there is just no way that that many people are going to fit–“

“Who said anything about having a party at our place?” John asked, interrupting his dear Anna

And that is how Anna ended up at the old Welland Place. It was an ancient Victorian age mansion that sat on top of a large hill in the middle of no where. Now, that now where used to be the best more produced farmland in the area but since the thirties when the dust bowl took over, nothing had grown on it since. And despite the fact that it was a party for Anna, nearly everyone who had been invited had come.

“See love?” John began as he whirled his Anna around on the dance floor which was quickly becoming a mosh pit. “I told you that everything would be okay.”

‘Free food, free music and free booze will get the most scared here,’ Anna wanted to say but instead she kept her mouth shut and continued dancing. But then the unexpected happened. When the lights went dark and a glowing spectre of a soul appeared.

“Well this just sucks,” John thought to himself. “No one invited this ghost to the party…”

The point, not to make sense but just to get writing. And this got me writing.

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