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Of Sparkly Vampires

The Twilight Saga; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – all written by Stephanie Meyer where my reading material of choice this weekend and earlier actually. The first time I read it it was when “Breaking Dawn” came out and I finally succumbed to the phenomenon. I was sure that I wouldn’t like it being brought up on Buffy and Angel and all, but from the moment I started reading I was absolutely enthralled. Page after page of Bella’s journey enchanted me. I of course figured that Edward was a vampire but I wondered along with her. I felt her pain when he left and her adulation when she was able to save him. The mystery of Seattle had me worried to no end as did the newborn army that was coming to destroy the Cullens.

I felt the romance when they got married and the worry about the mystery of their baby and I panicked along with them when news of the Volutri coming was made certain. In the end I was happy that all ended well, no Cullen was killed nor were their friends (with the exception of one) nor were any of the werewolves who had become unlikely friends and allies (thanks mostly to Jacob and his imprinting) hurt in that final confrontation. The notion of forever might seem scary for some but to spent forever with the one you love and the child you bore is no better fate in my opinion.

No matter what negatives people may have to say about these quartet of books, I’m here to say that I really enjoyed them. They are a page turner, they are thrilling and engaging. The character developments in my eyes is quite impressive (seeing Bella go from a little mouse to a strong and competent woman was really nice) and of course the love story is quite stunning. To love and be loved in return as Bella and Edward do, so completely and so utterly is something that I can only dream of.


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