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Okay, so the title is a play on words. Chris Baty has written a book for aspiring novelists entitled No Plot, No Problem and it’s a guide to get you though the craziness of National Novel Writing Month. Now, my problem is that I have too many plots in my head and not enough desire to write any of them. *sigh* NANO is 4 days away and I’m starting to freak….

I’ve managed to get the plots down to one sentence so hopefully that will help me choose.
1. Mystery: A no-nonsense cop has to deal with a PI & and psychic to solve a mystery.
2. Sci-Fi: The musings of a forty-something year old who embarks on a space voyage.
3. Sci-Fi: The story of an alien’s experience in a human high school.
4. Mainstream Romance: A harpist has to use her gift to save faerie.
5. Steampunk: A clockwork man learns to love
6. Paranormal: A female vampire’s quest to become
7. Regency: A woman loses her memory and falls in love out of her class
8. Romance: A woman wins the lottery and searches for the man who gave her the ticket.
9. Fantasy:A prince is turned into a unicorn and a king is turned into a dragon and they have to quest across the land to find the cure to their curse.
10. Fantasy: Reverse retelling of Sleeping Beauty where it is the prince who falls under the evil spell and it is a warrior princess who has to save the day.

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