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Only those who are truly virtuous can enter here, the plaque on the wall read. It was a ratty old thing. Wooden in places, metal in others. The script went from being fine, like the greatest of penmanship to block-like in places and even child like in places. But Sarah Williams didn’t really care about how the plaque looked. She cared more about what in meant.

“So I have to be virtuous to enter here?” she asked her guide, a spritely woman named Keylala who was barely five-feet high with outrageous orange hair and eyes to match set against a porcelain white skin.

The sprite nodded. “Indeed you do. For ages untold the virtuous have entered here and received what it was that they were looking for….” she paused and looked over at Sarah. “What is it that you seek?”

“I seek the Staff of Peace and the Sword of War,” Sarah answered slowly, tyring to remember if she had gotten the names in the right order. “Yes,” she continued, muttering to herself. “Swords bring war, staffs bring peace…” Sarah looked at her sprite. “…I need to find them.”

“Yes,” the sprite confirmed.

“There’s just one thing that I don’t understand…”

“And what is that?” asked the sprite.

Sarah looked rather guilty, as though she had done something wrong and in a way she had. Countless times she had been told the reason for her quest but for whatever reason, the answers could never sit in her head. And so, she stood there, feeling horrible because she couldn’t remember why it was she had to be searching for whatever it was that she was searching for. And she told the sprite as such; “I don’t know why I have to get them.”

The sprite sighed. “This is going to be a long night,”


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