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So the ladies at LTWF asked a great question on Friday. They asked what fictional heroine is the best and why. At first thought I said that the ultimate fictional heroine is Alanna from Tamora Pierce’s ‘SONG OF THE LIONESS’ quartet because she has the courage and the drive to do something that no one else has done for over a hundred years in her world. She stands out from all the others because she’s just amazing. She makes mistakes, she has to work really hard to get what she wants and in the end she makes a place for herself in her world.

There’s never been a time that I wanted to be her, but I certainly wanted to be like her–strong willed, sure of herself, etc. Alanna is definitely my favourite heroine out of all the heroine’s that Tamora Pierce has come up with (Diane comong a VERY close second along with Aly, Alanna’s daughter) and in my opinion she is the best heroine of all. However, Lyra from THE GOLDEN COMPASS and Scarlett from GONE WITH THE WIND are two of my favourites as well (and the ladies on LTWF as well).

However now, I can’t help but think that I was wrong or at the very least that I had forgotten on of the best fictional character that I have ever come across; Anne Shirley She is Canadian in origin and are a writer/teacher boot. I remember being a child and just adoring her. Anne came into my life in Grade Six when my teacher had us watch her two mini-series back to back.

I remember sitting in those god awful plastic chairs and watching as Anne’s life unfolded before my eyes. Megan Follows made the character SO real for me, and I do believe that at one point I wanted to be Anne; a successful-ish writer/teacher with a heart of gold and the heart of a wonderful guy (Gil).

It’s amazing how much of my life has been influenced by the heroines that I love.


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