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And so, with two days to go this is where I am. As you can see, I started off rather well and then slipped underneath the magic purple line before climbing above it briefly and then falling below again. The last couple days have been rather hard but with the 4K day that I had today, I know (or rather pray) that I can win. ^_^


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I have passed the 30k mark and am inching towards my goal. I have a mere and I say mere because I can’t believe how little I have left, but I have a mere 12k left. I’m past 38k and my novel is starting to take a downward turn towards the end of the story which is great! ^_^

Excerpt from today…


“Oh god…” Tessa muttered as she felt as though her entire world was spinning out of control. “They have Amy…”

“We know,”

Captain Morgan stated as he came to stand in front of Tessa. “We got this, just a few moments ago…”

Tessa looked up and saw that her boss was holding something in his hands. She took it and unfolded it and saw that it was an amber alert for her little girl. “I don’t understand,” she stated as she looked up at the faces that were staring at her. “The text message makes it seem like they’ve just taken her, but you received this a couple moments ago? And the case…” she continued forcing her mind to work rationally. “The Jane Doe was killed two days ago, Gordon O’Connor was killed yesterday morning and I was nearly killed yesterday afternoon. Whatever this is, it started a while ago…why would they do this,” she paused and indicated to the text message on her phone. “Now? Why not start the whole thing off like this?”

“Maybe they, whoever they are, had to wait to make sure that you were the right Tessa,” Eric suggested, causing all eyes to fall on him. “Like I said, there are a lot of you in the world.”

Tessa shook her head. “I don’t think so.”

“Maybe they didn’t really have the girl until now,” Alison suggested.

“Maybe they just caught her?” Grant added.

“You think that the adoptive parents have just given her up to the bad guys?” Captain Morgan asked.

“Or maybe they were just caught,” Jackson answered. “We knew that one of them went off the grid a couple months ago, and it’s more likely that they were caught now.”

Tessa shook her head. “This sounds like conjecture and speculation,” she pointed out. “Now I’m not saying that it’s not all possible, but I don’t really care about any speculation right now. This person, whoever they are wants to meet with me alone…and I’m going to do it.”

“No,” Jackson forbade. “You can not do that.”

Tessa looked at the man and thought that he was crazy. “How dare you—”

“—I’ve been working this case since the beginning. I’ve been following the threads and they’ve led me here,” he argued. “You are not messing this up for me.”

“Messing this up for you?” Tessa hissed. “How dare you…”

“Enough!” Captain Morgan ordered. “Jackson, once again— this is our case. Hart, this is your daughter but I advise against this.”

Tessa shook her head. “Forgive me sir but I’m not going listen to your advice.”

Captain Morgan nodded. “I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

“So what are you going to do?” Jackson asked bitterly.

“We are going to figure out a plan,” Captain Morgan answered coldly. “You can help us by lending your knowledge or you can go back to whatever hell you came from.”

Jackson laughed harshly. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

Tessa glowered at him. “Then tell us.”

Jackson sighed, and Tessa figured that he realized that he was cornered. Well good, she told herself. Maybe now, we’ll get some answers.

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I am now thankfully, halfway through my national novel writing month novel. At twenty five thousand and five words I can begin ever so slowly to wrap things up. It’s also the middle of the month (more or less) which means that I should be good to go come the back half of the month. And here’s an excerpt from what was written this morning to catch me up (partially);

“Sit down and relax,” Grant interjected. “Yeah, yeah…I know.” He sighed as he walked away from the desk, Alison close behind. They sat down a few feet from the nurses station, with their backs towards them so that they could talk uninhibited. “You know I know that they’re just doing their jobs, but you think that she could have been a bit nicer about the whole thing…”

Alison shook her head. “I think that she was being mighty nice.”

“Oh you think?”

“Yes I think,” Alison stated, looking around at the waiting family members with a sigh of her own. “And more than think, I know how hard it can be for them. Seeing dead and dying people every day of their lives? Having to deal with the grieving survivors…” she paused and shook her head. “I’m surprised that they’re not basket cases themselves.”

Grant turned to Alison, “You sound so—”

“Familiar with the situation?” Alison continued with a half smile. “Yeah well, I’ve spent the better part of my life in hospitals.”

“You haven’t been sick,” Grant asked worriedly. “Have you?””

Alison shook her head. “No.”

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That has to be some sort of record for me….and here’s an excerpt from today’s writing.

For one brief second she had been completly sure that there was someone in her appartment. Even as she sat there flicking mindlesssly from one channel to another, trying to relax, her sub-concious was going through all the scenarios that might have played out had her fears been actualized. Tessa could see the gun of the burglar in his hand, surprising her as she came up with the remote. She could feel her body shaking as the burglar motioned for her to stand up. She could hear the gun shot go off and the pain that was accompanied by the bullet hole to her chest…

…of course none of that had happened. She was just getting paranoid, and yet at midnight when she finally tired of watching mindless television, Tessa checked and doubled checked her door, windows and fire escape. She alwo grabbed her badge and gun from their placed in her nightstand and slept with them under her pillow. You can never be too safe, she thought sleepily to herself as she closed her eyes. And I’d rather be safe than dead.

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Eight days after starting, this is where I’m at…
I’m so thrilled. I’ve passed the point I was last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. ^_^

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So it’s day five and I’ve passed 10k. It’s kinda magical getting to this point in a story, the plot is slowly coming together and for the first time ever I’ve written the ending before I’ve actually gotten there. I’ve never been one for jumping around in the timeline of a story but while listening to Collide this evening I could see the ending scene in my head, and so I wrote it. Sure, somethings were left vague on purpose but it makes me kinda giddy to know where I’m going character wise even though I have no idea what the middle portion of the plot is… also, I know who I want my FMC to fall in love with but I’m 10k in and we haven’t met him yet. *sigh*

Hopefully he’ll show up tomorrow….

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A word sprint for today to get to my own personal goal of 7k ^_^

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