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Embracing Me

So this the first post of the new year… and truth be told I haven’t done a lot of writing so far. I tried to write a short story back in January but that fell by the wayside. I attempted (briefly) to edit my novel from November but that too seemed to be impossibly difficult. Instead I focused inward and really looked at what sort of stories I wanted to write.

I thought that I had stumbled upon the answer… that I wanted to be known for great contemporary love stories. Real world fiction as it were. Books in the general fiction section. But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I couldn’t just pick a genre out of the hat and say that that is what I’m going to write.

No, I decided that I would have to embrace whatever stories my muses decided to tell. Last November it was a Science-Fiction story, the year before that it was YA Contemporary Fantasy, the year before that it was Detective. I have to write the stories that are in me to write. I have ideas and notions and when the right story comes along, I will write it… and try to pursue it to publication in one form or another.

^_^ It feels as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I find myself suddenly able to edit and add to that which has been incomplete for over three months… and the next project will be re-writing my time travel story which is another story that just won’t let me go. ^_^

I don’t want to jinx myself, but I would like to think that my muses are warming up again.


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…for now at least. It has to be the umpteenth update for what was once entitled Pen’s Dreamscape but after going on submissions to literary agents I figured that the novel needed sprucing up. It was ripped apart and put back together with nearly 40k words less and I think that it’s a lot stronger.

It’s actually really exciting. The novel is finished and now all I have to do is work on the query letter and the summary / synopsis and hopefully by Wednesday I’ll be sending my baby out on submissions again. *crosses fingers* Here’s hoping for the best.

Oh, and to celebrate my novel I’ve created a wordle for it…

…so the biggest words are the two main characters (Kimberly being the focus) but surprisingly asked, dream, looked, just, eyes, back, thread, around & stated are used quite frequently as well. Interesting…. ^_^

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Normally I move onto a new project before I go back and edit an old one, however Rose and Ron are quite dominate in my heads right now and therefore I’ve begun working on the second draft of A ROSE FOR TIME AND SPACE. In addition I’ve also begun work on the companion novel A TIME AND SPACE FOR ROSE which tells the story from Ron’s position.

ARFTAS 2nd draft: 95118
ATASFR 1st draft: 9091

It’s a pretty even split which is good seeing how I want both novels to be roughly 50k words long.

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