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So last night I had the strangest dream. I was walking along doing normal dream things, when all of a sudden the world changed. There was lots of sand covering everything and I remarked to my dream companion that I recognized this handiworkd. I said that the handiwork belonged to someone with the name ‘N’ like ‘Naveen’ or something… it was at that moment that a great gust of sand nearly blew me of course and I had enough of playing around. The next wave of sand that tried to stop me was quelled by my outstretched arms. It stopped there like a barrier and when I brought my hands together the sand went flying off into the distance and the world was restored to normal. I began to survey the damage when my alarm clock went off, but thinking back on it I realize that I was dreaming about my first completed novel… PEN’S DREAMSCAPE and the bad guy that I was fighting was Nimaren–the Nightmare King. It’s the first time that I’d dreamt about my own stories. Wicked cool!


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