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Way back in November I participated in the50k word endeavour known as National Novel Writing Month and won. One of my prizes was a code to get a free proof copy of my book off of Create Space. Well the code expired June 31, and I decided to format my manuscript and send it off. That was June 2. Four days later, the book arrived and may I say that it’s just amazing. While formatting the thing was a pain in the behind, the actual process off uploading the pdf manuscript was quite easy and having the final product in my hands in amazing! Sure somethings could be fixed, already I’ve noticed two mistakes, just from flipping through the pages but other than that I think that’s it’s great and I can now say that I’ve got one of my own books in print. ^_^ So cool. Here’s hoping that Nano offers the same goody for winning this year and that I complete the 50k in a month challenge. ^_^

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