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When I was a child, I first discovered the Harry Potter books. I was instantly entranced by the world of witchcraft and wizardry and I was obsessed. I read books one through three quickly, and waited all day for book four to be delivered. For me, book five was a huge disappointment, book six had me feeling indifferent and I never read seven. Well, that’s all changed now. After seeing the movies I decided to re-read the books only my own copies, the white covers from the UK. In the last six or so months, I’ve read all seven books. Books one through three made me remember what it was like to read when I was in grade seven and eight. Book four was as captivating as ever and strange enough I could see the magic in book five. I read book six eagerly and now finished with book seven I can see how great the series truly is. Reading it in succession makes you see the plot points that were scattered throughout. I could see where the story was going and I am amazed at the depth and the beauty of it. As a writer myself I can only hope one day to create a book or series as brilliant as this. But until then, I’ve got these books to read and enjoy over and over again.


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So I’ve just come home from Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt 2 and let me say that it was just so epicly awesome. I laughed and I cried and I’m so glad that I saw the last movie in theatres in 3D during half-price Tuesday to boot. Now, for the average person me being so awed by the second part of the seventh movie wouldn’t be so strange, yet for me it is and to explain how I first discovered Harry Potter.I was in grade seven, it was 1999 and I was walking in the mall when a Harry Potter book display caught my eye. The book on sale was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone (yest the American version) I thought that it was awesome looking, so my Mum bought it for me. I read it. Loved it and bought the next two in the series.

I had to wait for book four to be released and instead of going to the store we ordered it online and I was up at five am that morning and waited all day drawing Harry Potter pictures until the mail FINALLY arrived. I devoured book four and loved it.When book five came out, I read it in two twelve hour chunks and cried through the last hundred-ish pages or so and honestly was not so impressed by it. When the sixth book came out, I was feeling rather meh about it but I read it and liked it a whole lot more than book five and by the time book seven came out I felt as though I had moved past the whole series.

Also, with book seven, I didn’t read when it came out. My Mum read it and with every expletive at another character’s death I came to the decision that I wouldn’t read it…ever nor would I see movies 5- 7.2

Well, things have changed. I’m twenty-three, I’ve watched in amazement at the Harry Potter phenomenon and with the release of the seventh movie part 2, my sister went on a Harry Potter movie marathon. I watched movie 5 and thought that it was good. I watched movie 6 and thought that it was quite good. I watched movie 7.1 and thought it was amazing (especially since I had no idea what was coming) and I was super excited to watch movie 7.2.

I’ve come to realize that I loved Harry Potter as a kid because of how wonderful the story was. I let my anger at people dying and my own opinions as to who should have ended up with who but now that’s all gone. I can look at the Harry Potter series for the gem that it is and I am super excited to start reading the books again (and in terms of HP & the Deathly Hallows, for the first time).

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