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Just minutes ago I wrote the words “THE END” at the end of A ROSE FOR TIME AND SPACE which is just amazing seeing how it’s only the fourth time it’s happened with a novel-eque length story. I’m really proud of how this turned out and even though my head is already spinning with re-writes I’m just so happy to have it done and to have it done so quickly! I’ve never written so fast…just goes to show what I can do when inspired. ^_^ Now I can work on it’s companion story A TIME AND SPACE FOR ROSE from Ron’s point of view. That should be REALLY exciting. Then again, I might move onto one of the other stories that have been spinning around in my head…maybe I could even work on both of them at the same time, who knows. ^_^ Either way, I’m done! Yay!


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When I write, I usually put my own emotions into it. Several parts so far in A ROSE FOR TIME AND SPACE have come from my own musings. Of all my characters, Rose is most like me and I guess I’m most like her. Tonight, writing about her separation from Chronos made me tear up. For me, writing this entire novel has been rather cathartic and I’m very glad that I was able to get this emotional scene out tonight

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Clearly, insomnia is good for the soul–my creative soul that is. It’s almost five in the morning and I have just finished writing the first four thousand, three hundred and thirty two words of A TIME AND SPACE FOR ROSE which is the events of ARFTAS told from Ron’s point of view. The concept had been rumbling around in my head for a while and tonight I just sat down and wrote the prologue which morphed into chapter one (entitled Medieval Rose, Modern Roslyn) and while I would have loved to get another 4k written for ARFTAS having ATASFR will be a great distraction. I’m so psyched for this! Basically, A TIME AND SPACE FOR ROSE will begin at the same moment that A ROSE FOR TIME AND SPACE begins only from Ron’s viewpoint we’ll see a lot more and understand a lot more. And now, while I would really like to continue writing I’m feeling extremely exhausted so I’m off to bed…finally.


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So last night I had the strangest dream. I was walking along doing normal dream things, when all of a sudden the world changed. There was lots of sand covering everything and I remarked to my dream companion that I recognized this handiworkd. I said that the handiwork belonged to someone with the name ‘N’ like ‘Naveen’ or something… it was at that moment that a great gust of sand nearly blew me of course and I had enough of playing around. The next wave of sand that tried to stop me was quelled by my outstretched arms. It stopped there like a barrier and when I brought my hands together the sand went flying off into the distance and the world was restored to normal. I began to survey the damage when my alarm clock went off, but thinking back on it I realize that I was dreaming about my first completed novel… PEN’S DREAMSCAPE and the bad guy that I was fighting was Nimaren–the Nightmare King. It’s the first time that I’d dreamt about my own stories. Wicked cool!

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