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Thinking back to my first stories, they were shadows of things that I had read before and while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery it’s not the best way to get published. I never really finished a story until I wrote some Vampire knock-off when I was in elementary school which has since been lost.

When I finally started completing stories they all fell under the YA contemporary fantasy genre for he most part and that trend continued. Whenever I thought of writing something outside the fantasy genre my brain would seize up, but recently that all changed.

After getting on a Jane Austen kick during December 2009, a random conversation jumped into my head and I’ve been following the characters as they work through some semblance of a regency world and last week another plot in the same work un-spooled itself in my mind.

But more than that, a mainstream romantic movie-like plot worked itself out of my mind the other day at work and I’ve got to wonder whether or not my muses are progressing in a totally different direction as to what I normally write.


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