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Back at the beginning of the year in 2009, I had this idea about a new Oracle for the God Apollo. The idea was spurned during university and I actually posted some of it on fpress under a different name and then forgot about posting while I finished it in my Ecco Notebook. Well last week I decided that it was high time to finish typing that story up so I did and it ended up being 9.5k and I have to say that while there is room for a sequel, I am very happy about the end product, which just goes to show that ideas never really die.

“Danae Mires go to your room!”

“I hate you!” the thirteen year old cried as she stormed up the stairs. “I hate all of you! I hate it here! I want to go home!”

Tabitha sighed as her niece’s shouting dissipated after the slamming of her bedroom door and as she slumped down on her living room couch she questioned her sister’s sanity for naming her the child’s guardian. It wasn’t the first time that the question had crossed her mind, and the forty year old was almost certain that it would be the last. But she couldn’t very well ask her sister Evangeline about her choice, because her sister—her twin sister was dead and had been for seven months.

“Oh Eva,” she murmured as she closed her eyes thinking back to her sister and wondering what she would have made of the whole situation, not to mention what sort of advice she would have given. “What am I going to do with that child of yours?”

Tabitha knew that Danae was going through a tough time. She had grown up on a Greek Island for the first twelve years of her life and now found herself as far away from the old world as she could get. Living in a sleepy Toronto suburb was such a culture shock for the young girl that Tabitha couldn’t help but feel for her niece who she had only seen a handful of times in the twelve years that she had been living overseas. Losing both her parents so suddenly in a freak storm had to be a horrible blow, after all Tabitha herself was going through the grieving process for her sister but she figured that that had to pale in comparison to losing a parent.

As it turned out there was nothing that Tabitha could do. Danae grew from an awkward pre-teen to a sullen teenager who resented everything and everyone in her life. She lashed out at her family, and got into fights at school and yet because her grades remained constant, Tabitha had no reason to complain. The same couldn’t be said for Tabitha’s eldest girl who was a year older than Danae. While Danae at seventeen was getting ready for an exchange program to Greece that the University of Toronto offered for their freshman students with astounding students with ties to the ancient land, Jane at the age of eighteen was dropping out of university pregnant by some frat boy. Jane had decided much against her mother’s wishes to keep the baby and Danae just loved how the tormentor of her troubled years was finally getting what had been coming to her.

And that’s the first couple hundred words…you can read the rest of the story here.


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