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So I’ve been hit by a burst of inspiration. I’ve been in the Regency-era mode for a while now and this newest story has just come out of the blue. I’m writing it mainly by hand in the notebook that I got from a friend and the fountain pen that I got from my Grandmother—both gifts from Christmas. It’s going to be the story about one girl of the regency era and her journey to fall in love. I seem to be writing it so quickly and I can’t wait to see where this story is going to take me.


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Or rather. And so it ends. The month of November has officially come to a close. I am a shattering 36810 away from my 50k goal. Third time in a row. Third loss. You know I think that I could have done it had I not been in school…

…and if I had decided not to handwrite the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, handwriting is wonderful. But it takes too long. And in a month where speed is an issue, too long can mean the death of you…

…I’ll aim for 50k in January, handwritten. We’ll see what happens. And as to what will happen to My Life as a Teenage Witch? Meh. Who knows.

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