Contemporary Romances

I never know what sort of story I’m going to write until I actually sit down and write it, but the last couple that I have been working on, have been in the contemporary romance genre.

There’s my novel “When Roses Turn to Stone” which I put forward for this years Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. I made it through the first one, which was decided based on the pitch alone, but it didn’t make it through the next round due to the actual writing. That’s the second time in my writing career that I have heard my critique, and all it serves to do is make me want to edit the manuscript more. I’ve already started doing that, I’m on chapter eleven of about thirty right now, and with every word I change, I feel like it is becoming the manuscript that it was meant to be, which is very exciting.

I’m also writing a whole new project, sort of. I started it back in November for NaNo, but the plot never felt just right to me. I couldn’t figure it out, and I didn’t have the energy to even try. But a couple months ago, I decided that I liked the main premise and the characters too much to let them go. So I started re-writting the beginning, and the story has taken off in a completely different direction. I’m super happy with the way it is going and I expect it to be done by the end of summer, or late September at the very latest.

And then there is the project that I started for the class I took at Sheridan. I always liked the idea of the novel, and why wouldn’t I? It was the first contemporary romance plot that I ever thought up, and the characters became quite real to me. However, all the time that I was writing, there was something missing with the plot. I thought it was due to the structure of the class, but I realized the other night that it was because of a fundamental flaw in the story. It was missing a sub-plot, an element of danger, some major obstacle for my characters to overcome, and once I found it, everything just fell into place. I’m not going to write this story now (although it is sketched out) I am going to save it for this years NaNo 🙂

So, there you have it. I have three stories on the go (sort of ) and they’re all in a genre and style that I never saw myself writing. That’s the beauty of my muses, they say jump and I answer; how high 🙂


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