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Author Page

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Okay, now this is super cool. Ever since I first discovered Goodreads, I dreamed of the day that I would have my very own author’s page. I always assumed that it would be when I got a novel published, but low-and-behold, Three Line Poetry Issue 23 is on that site and I have been able to link my normal goodreads page to the author page that was created for me as a contributor to the issue. ^_^ So exciting! ^_^


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In Print

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.49.31 PM It is official. I am in print! I’ve ordered my copies, and Tamara (who got published in this issue as well) has done the same ^_^ I am so excited! ^_^ A Haiku poet… who would have thought that I would have some poems published in an actual book?

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