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Author Page

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Okay, now this is super cool. Ever since I first discovered Goodreads, I dreamed of the day that I would have my very own author’s page. I always assumed that it would be when I got a novel published, but low-and-behold, Three Line Poetry Issue 23 is on that site and I have been able to link my normal goodreads page to the author page that was created for me as a contributor to the issue. ^_^ So exciting! ^_^


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In Print

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.49.31 PM It is official. I am in print! I’ve ordered my copies, and Tamara (who got published in this issue as well) has done the same ^_^ I am so excited! ^_^ A Haiku poet… who would have thought that I would have some poems published in an actual book?

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Officially Published

I can’t believe it. After all this time, hoping, praying, wishing, dreaming, I can officially say that I am a published writer. And to my utmost surprise, I didn’t get a story published. No. I got several haiku published! ^_^ You can read my haiku’s here… http://threelinepoetry.com/free-issues/ (issue 23) and herehttp://haikujournal.org/e-issues/ (issue 25) I never would have thought about submitting my work if it wasn’t for Tamara, who got several of her own poems published in this format. She’s also the one who inspired me to start my haiku blog in the first place, so I owe it all to her!

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