Battle for My Writing Soul

“Are we human because we gaze at the stars?  Or do we gaze at them because we are human?” ~ Stardust

I remember loving that line when I first saw the Stardust movie (I’ll admit, that I haven’t read the book yet) and I find that it is an appropriate place to start this post. I, have always gazed up at the stars. I have always wondered what was out there and my belief in extra-terrestrials is much stronger then my belief in other supernatural things.

Yet, despite my love of the stars, my reading habits have tended towards the fantastical / supernatural / magical. That’s not to say that I haven’t read science-fiction books, but my exposure has been limited to the Star Wars extended universe and the Voyager books (yes, my geek colours are showing).

Because of that, I have always thought that my stories would be based in fantasy worlds, or stories of the heart set in contemporary times… in the last little bit while I have been editing SoulShip, I have come to realize that my heart, my writing soul lies in science fiction.

I have heard authors say, write what you like to read / what you want to read, and I guess I have been searching for some really good young-adult science fiction that I can sink my teeth into. I haven’t really found it as of yet, but I guess that’s why my brain is in overload with science-fiction plots 🙂

Of course, this could completely change as my inspiration comes and goes, but for right now, I am a science-fiction writer. ^_^


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