Cover Art


“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is a good motto to go with however how many of us are initially drawn to books because of their cover? I know that I’m guilty of that. I look at cover’s first, back blurbs second, inside flap’s third and finally I read the first page. If that grabs me I move onto the first chapter and if I’m still interested then I read the book… but I digress. Ever since I’ve been introduced to Photoshop and other manipulation tools I have enjoyed creating my own cover art. This year’s NaNo is no exception… though it is the first time that I’ve done the cover art before I’ve only completed the story. I’ve done two versions too and I can’t quite decide which one that I like better.

The one on the left is the first one that I did. I like it ’cause it shows the main character centre and her two love interests on either side (and yes that’ Robert Duncan, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas as actor stand ins for this story) but my friends said that it was too confusing, so I created the one on the right.

It shows the same three characters only my female main character is on the right and the other human is on the left. In the centre is the third main character who spends the vast majority of the story as a disembodied consciousness. I have no idea which cover is better, or which one that I like more… they both capture the feeling that I was looking for and they both inspire me greatly for the month ahead. ^_^



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