Soundtracks and Stories

Normally when I write I pick a song that fits the mood of the story and I listen to it on endless repeat. Sometimes the music that I listen to has NOTHING to do with what I’m writing. That isn’t quite the case with this year’s NaNo novel. I heard this song from Jason Walker on the radio and it just spoke to me. I eventually found it on the radio and after reading the lyrics I realized that this song epitomizes one of my main characters at the beginning of the novel. I’ve listened to the song at least a couple dozen times now and every time I hear it… it gives me chills. More than that though, the thought of having a song for the beginning made me wonder if there weren’t more songs out there that would fit my fledgling novel.

And yes… there was. I have found that my entire novel can be told in song (more or less) and the songs are as follows; Starlight by Muse, Arrival to Earth from Transformers, Across the Universe of Time by Hayley Westerna, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, The Rohan Theme from Lord of the Rings, Illan Eshkeri from the Young Victoria, Lamia’s Lair from Stardust, This is War from 30 seconds to Mars, Thor’s Soundtrack Suite by Patric Doyle, Love Theme from PotC: At World’s End, Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson, Never Alone by Barlow Girl, Breath of Life from Florence + the Machine, Losing your Memory by Ryan Star, Two Steps from Hell by Archangel, Humanity in Motion by Nathan Lanier, Only You by Sinéad O’Conner and finally Skyfall by Adele.

The entire playlist is one hour and thirty seven-ish minutes and listening to it form start to finish really gives a sense of what the novel is going to be when it’s written. The instrumental themes inspire me to write the description, while the lyrical songs remind me of characters and scenes that I am now bursting to write. It’s six days till NaNo and I really can’t wait. ^_^

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