An Idea Does Not A Plot Make

Ideas. I have an abundance of ideas. Every time I walk up or down an aisle at the local bookstore where I work I get another idea. They come at me with such ferocity that I often don’t know what to do with them. More often then not though, they disappear before I am able to do anything about it (like write them down).

I have a whole folder called “The Graveyard” where the barely started ideas are placed, and I’ve got several files (588 to be exact) of chapters and story ideas, beginnings and endings, bits of dialogue and all the rest. The problem for me is finding an idea that (a) can be developed into a long story and (b) can be sustained for a long amount of time. Most of the time both are huge issues for me, but National Novel Writing Month FORCES me to make an attempt at least.

In terms of a plot for this NaNo, I *think* that I have one hammered down. It’s still in the idea stage really, but bits and pieces of plot points are coming together and with eight days to go I am eagerly waiting for that thunderbolt of inspiration to hit me so that I have enough in the tanks to see me through the thirty days.


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