From CreateSpace with Love

So last year, I got a free proof copy for my 2010 National Novel Writing Month Novel “Stealing Heart” and this year I got FIVE free copies of my 2011 National Novel Writing Moth Novel “Circle of Light” which came on Monday! ^_^ The books look gorgeous, though the back cover blurb leaves something to be desired. When I was writing it out I realized that while I know what my book is about, it was super hard to break that down into something that would seem interesting. *sigh* Oh well. No biggie I guess considering that this is just for me and me alone, though it has it’s own ISBN number and could be sold on CreateSpace & Amazon if I was so inclined. Which I am, but I’m not at the same time. I really, REALLY want to be published the ‘normal’ way but I am really proud of this novel and I think that after a couple more revisions (mainly looking at grammar issues which I always skim past) I think that I could maybe possibly have something… but then again I could not. Either way, I have my novel in print once again and I’m super stoked about it. ^_^

The back cover, the acknowledgements and the the table of contents.



A couple pages from the beginning half of the book.






So, yeah. That’s my book. It’s not perfect, it’s not published, but it’s mine. All mine. ^_^


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