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So even though my muse is on the fritz again, I’ve come to realize one important thing… I am a writer of prose. I tried my hand at screenwriting, and while on the first day I churned out more than ten pages, on day two I only wrote three or so and by day four and seventeen pages I had totally run out of steam.

Now, if I’m being honest with myself the first time that I tried to write a novel in a month I gave up around the ten day mark, and several attempts after my two initial wins ended around the 12k mark where a lot of my stories fizzle out and die… the point being that if I were to really put my mind to it I probably could write a script. However, I don’t.

Through my feeble attempt at Script Frenzy I have realized that I am a prose writer through and through. I thought that description was the bane of my existence as a writer, however I’ve come to realize that without the description I lose sight of what my story is about. It is also true that the dialogue comes easy to me, I see my stories as movies in my head but when it comes to translating that image onto the page, I need the description to balance out the words.

So while Script Frenzy was a complete bust, I fully intend on trying my hand at the two sessions of Camp National Novel Writing Month in June and August and the normal National Novel Writing Month in November. What I’m going to write for those three months, I have no idea. I am contemplating doing my Retold Tales which will be my re-imagining of my favourite fairy tales, and I am contemplating doing a sequel to either Dreamscape or Circle of Light, or maybe something new entirely. Only time will really tell I guess.

While I wait for June and August and November I plan on continuing to work on my Steampunk short story. Right now I’m mostly writing it on my phone and then e-mailing the results to me. I find this way of writing quite satisfactory because I’m not as pressured into making every word perfect. I also plan on rewriting Circle of Light to get it to the point where I won’t mind having a proof for it. My coupon for winning NaNo 2011 expires after June 30th so I’ve only got a little bit of time to get the story finished. Plus it will be easier two write the two sequels when I’ve completed the first novel.

I also plan on working on my short stories in an attempt to get them publish ready. I took most of my writing down from Fictionpress and while I see some gems in the stories that I did take down, I know that I will totally have to polish them up if I want them to be worth anything.

Ideas keep flowing through my head, and the plot bunnies keep multiplying. I am no where near my writing goal for this year (on the plus side I am getting a lot of reading done) but I feel that if I can churn out some really good pieces then it won’t matter if I hit my number goal at all.

So I bid you readers adieu for the night as I am going back to Word to write. ^_^


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