Getting Down To Business

One of my very best friends submitted her novel to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest and not only made it through the first round, but the second one as well. Her story is freakishly brilliant and I have full faith that she will continue to go far in the competition.

Her success has made me think about my own goals for writing. I know that I want to be published one day, but I haven’t done anything about it for a really long time. I know that I’ve got one of my novels in the hands of another friend to be edited but there is something else that I could do as well. I plan on going over my last National Novel Writing Month to see if there’s anyway that it can be salvaged. The last time I skimmed through it, I was surprised at how much of a page turner it was even if it had the slowest start in the world. I honestly think that if I brush it up a little A Circle Of Light could be a pretty awesome novel.

So this is me saying that I’m getting down to business.


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2 responses to “Getting Down To Business

  1. Good for your friend and good for you and your newfound motivation! Good luck!

  2. Awe, thanks for the shout out, hun! And I’m glad I’ve inspired you to get cracking on your own stuff ^_^

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