“Have you seen my Muse?”

I am a writer. I have always been a writer. Ever since I was I was in grade three I’ve been writing. I wrote stories for school and hard… sometimes they were really hard to write, sometimes they were complete knock-offs but the point is that I was writing. In High School it was much of the same. In Grade 11 English I wrote a 14 page story instead of a 6 page story and in Grade 12 I took Writer’s Craft which was lot of fun. I began writing more frequently starting in University via fanfiction and even though life got really busy I never stopped writing. Throughout everything I wrote. I listened to the characters in my head and they responded by giving me so much fun things to write about. But that’s all gone now. The characters are silent. The plot bunnies are no longer running rampant and I don’t know what it is. For some reason I have completely lost my writing muse. I’ve tried fan fiction but to no avail. All original ideas seem stilted and no good. I really don’t know what’s with my muse lately. It’s completely gone. So here is my question… can one be called a writer if one isn’t writing? I would like to think so… so my only other question is, where is my muse and how can I get it back.


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