Endings, I absolutely hate writing them. I feel like getting to the end of a novel is such a monumental thing and so much has gone into it that I can’t ever get the right words to come out to wrap things up nicely. This year, with this National Novel Writing Month endeavour was no different. I reached the 50k mark with this story tonight and just in the nick of time too ’cause I’ve actually run out of story. ^_^ This novel isn’t the best literary work that I’ve ever created, actually I’d say that it’s among my worst but I did win bringing my count to eight tries and four wins… a 50/50 win-loss record, not so bad in my books. ^_^ This year has been quite a roller coaster. I got ahead really early on and then struggled with meeting my word counts. The last couple days however I just powered on and look at the pretty stat bar… I made it with two days to spare, something that has never EVER happened before. Though I’m not sure about the quality of my novel, the elation of winning isn’t going to fade anytime soon and it gives me confidence to finish the other novel stories that I’m working on and I’ve got 367 days until National Novel Writing Month 2012. ^_^

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