Okay, so I’m six days in to the National Novel Writing Month 2011 challenge and I’m already at 13,335 words. It’s pretty much where I was for last year I think… although looking on last year’s stat thing it’s hard to tell.

I was just starting to lose hope on this story, but thank the writing gods for the fact that I had to drive my sister to university tonight. I was able to write more than 2k on the car ride up and back to put me at a whopping 4841 for today. ^_^

My story was going to be a regency romance, and then it was going to be an Egyptian adventure or a search for Excalibur. Then it was going to be about the Last Fae on Earth and THEN on November 1st I started writing a Power Rangers inspired story without the power rangers or the zords or anything remotely resembling the show actually except that there are six teenagers and one of them is going to turn evil… so it’s power ranger inspired now I guess. Either way, I thought that I wasn’t sure where this novel was going and now, I’m actually super stoked to write it. ^_^

Bring it on November! ^_^

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