So I’ve been a total delinquent in practicing for this year’s NaNo, but for good reason. Today, October 28, 2011 we’re moving from the house that I’ve lived in all my life and with 30 years worth of stuff with two kids and parents who don’t throw anything out, it’s been a challenge in a half, hence no time for writing.

However, writing will start up in full force again come November 1 and I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Back at the beginning of the month I had a regency romance all plotted out. I had characters and subplots, conflicts and resolutions all in a nice shiny new word document. However as the month has progressed I have come to the place where I always come to… what is the best way to approached National Novel Writing Month– plotting? or pantsing?
Plotting is self explanatory. You have everything worked out and you write from an outline.
Pantsing is where you start writing and let the plot and the characters write themselves.
Between the two, I write better pantsing it. Without really knowing where I’m going I find that I can discover the story along with the characters, when I know where I’m going and why with my writing I lose all motivation to write. Therefore, for this years NaNo, despite the fact that I have no concrete idea of what I’m going to write… I know that it’s going to be an adventure and a half.
November, here I come. ^_^

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