So, at the end of day five I’m past 10k. That’s a fifth of the way there. I’ve decided that the only way that I’m going to make it is if I write a LOT before I go on vacation and then work super hard when I come back to get the rest finished. I’ll write a little when I’m away, but I don’t think that I’m going to be able to keep up the pace that is needed to write it by hand. I don’t really mind, I prefer typing anyways .^_^

Excerpt from today

LeFaye said nothing, she merely smiled before casting her gaze to McKenna’s hands. The moment that the seer’s eyes were on her hands, McKenna saw that the world before her eyes were falling away. She then saw colours like a kaleidoscope of images rushing up to meet her. McKenna saw Wendy and Bryan sitting in the lobby of their chalet, watching as a storm raged outside. She saw Sally, Wendy’s mother calling her own mother and the moment that she heard her mother’s cry she was transported across the ocean to her mother’s side. She saw the pain etched on her mother’s face and the moment that McKenna reached out to comfort the only parent that she had ever really known she found that scene vanishing into blackness.

Images rushed past her sight in a sickening gaze and then McKenna saw the path that she was going to take. It was long and winding, full of twits and turns, dangers and moments of calm. She saw her end goal, a vast labyrinth in the centre of a forest. It was the place that she needed to get to. And as soon as her mind’s eye focused upon it, McKenna found herself back before LeFaye.

“I see many things,” the seer said as she traced the lines of McKenna’s hand. “You are a girl out of your world, you are lost and alone and frightened and yet you have a great power looking out for you.”

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