Synopsis: McKenna Walsh is a thirteen year old girl on vacation in the swiss alps, who suddenly finds herself kidnapped and taken to another world known as Terra where she is charged with finding the Eternal Flame. Little does she know that her quest will lead her to a truth that reaches into her past and towards her future, and binds the destiny of her world, and Terra together.

Excerpt Day 1: She was running an tried to make sense of the chaos around her but could not. The temple was burning, the Skeletons, an amry of the undead, raised by the Black Queen, that she held dear all on their own quest to find what the temple possessed.

“Come child,” a voice rang out, reaching her ears above all the madness. She looked up and saw Priestess Huan, her mentor and friend. She looked distraught, her fine golden brown hair was hanging limp around her shoulders, her beautiful face was marred with cuts and bruises while her dress was dirty with soot.

Total word count: 2159 / 50k

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