That has to be some sort of record for me….and here’s an excerpt from today’s writing.

For one brief second she had been completly sure that there was someone in her appartment. Even as she sat there flicking mindlesssly from one channel to another, trying to relax, her sub-concious was going through all the scenarios that might have played out had her fears been actualized. Tessa could see the gun of the burglar in his hand, surprising her as she came up with the remote. She could feel her body shaking as the burglar motioned for her to stand up. She could hear the gun shot go off and the pain that was accompanied by the bullet hole to her chest…

…of course none of that had happened. She was just getting paranoid, and yet at midnight when she finally tired of watching mindless television, Tessa checked and doubled checked her door, windows and fire escape. She alwo grabbed her badge and gun from their placed in her nightstand and slept with them under her pillow. You can never be too safe, she thought sleepily to herself as she closed her eyes. And I’d rather be safe than dead.


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