Hype. It was all about the hype. The stupid piece of technology had been hyped in the media, on the internet and even on the radio–though why the latter was still around was still unknown to her–it was one of those unanswerable questions just as fruitless as asking why in the world she was standing in line and had been standing in line for the last couple of hours—the hype. But what may you ask was the item in question? Well she really had no idea, she was just standing around wasting her time because she had nothing better to do and because she owed her friends.

“Oh please,” her friend had begged the week before last. “You’ve got to do this for me.”

“We?” she had retorted with a laugh. “We don’t have to do anything and I am not going to stand in line for you.”

“But work won’t give me the time off,” her friend had complained. “And I really want this thing…”

And because she couldn’t say no, her answer had been yes. Hype it seemed could make people do some very stupid things….

Now, an oddly appropriate word for today. National Novel Writing Month starts in less than an hour. The hype has been building all day and I’m still w/o a plot. *GAH* I’m freaking out write now. I have ten plots that I could write but whether I should write them or can write them is another matter all together. *sigh* What am I going to do? What am I going to do?
50 minutes…I can figure it out can’t I?

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