The documents were inchoate and while most people wouldn’t use that particular word to describe something, as a law student Terace Jenkins didn’t know what word would be more appropriate. The documents were spread haphazardly over the table and were thus not organized. They were also incomplete and it was the incomplete nature of them which was going to cause Patience problems.

“Oh Patience you’re going to have to take our name to heart,” she mused silently to herself as she gathered up what she could with the full intention of putting order to them. Patience Jenkins often hated her name. She thought it was pretentious and stupid and et in ties like this where she needed to take and focus on one bit of advice, repeating her name over and over to herself certainly did the trick. Through the mantra that she had crated she was able to get through and work through any problem which was set before her and the one before her at the current moment was a doozy.

She had been charged by the senior partners at her law firm to do some digging into a major national case and while she had begun to make some major headway into the oppositions case she had just come up against a brick wall. The house that she was in had once been occupied by a chief witness who had died in mysterious circumstances only days before. The house was still wardened off as a crime scene and it was only through some sweet talking that she had been able to get through the cops who were guarding the house.

All of that paled in comparison to the junk of papers that were before her. Recordings of meetings, ideas, memos, half-formed letters it was all here. The secret to her law firms client’s success lay in the inchoate papers and it was going to be up to her to set them all right again.

“What a job,” she mumbled to herself as she placed the papers in her briefcase after which she took off the latex gloves that she were wearing. “What an insane job…”


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