In the darkness the green things grow…and by the green things, Kayla Hammond knew that there were monsters and nightmares that lurked. She knew that the impossible existed because she had come face to face with them before. She knew that in the darkness one really found what they were made of. When faced with the terror of all terrors was the first instinct to fight or flee? For her, it was a fighting instinct which had served her well. When the first creepy crawlies came out of the darkness her family and friends had fled into the night, and they had payed for their cowardice with their lives. Kayla on the other hand had stepped forward and faced her demons and her demons were the ones who were destroyed.

When the dawn had risen the morning after, she found that she was alive, but alone. That’s when the MDF found her. They were the Monster Destroying Force, a super secret branch of the government and they were an elite bunch of fighters who ensured that the general populace had no idea that the dark was populated with the stuff of legends and nightmares. Kayla had been welcomed into the troupe with open arms, and after years of training with the and honing her natural instinct she was finally given the green light to command her own team.

“Alright ladies,” she began in a firm no nonsense voice as she walked up and down the row of ladies who made up her squad. “In the dark we have a quadraped. It’s fierce and deadly. Use lethal force the first chance you get because you won’t be able to get a second…” she paused to switch on her flashlight, the first line of defence for any MDF agent and she was happy that the rest of her team was doing the same. “Alright girls,” she continued ready to go to work. “Let’s go to the dark.”

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