“Cold Lemonade,” the sign read. Jack Johnson wasn’t one to follow signs especially when they were painted in a haphazard manner like the one before him, but it was a sweltering hot day and the heat seemed to be radiating off the pavement so instead of following the route that he normally took day after day he made a quick detour–at least that’s what he thought.

Twelve minutes later after following sign after sign he finally came to an overturned milk cart that had two little girls sitting there. They looked so professional in their little matching outfits and out of the corner of his eye he could see their mother lounging under the shade of a large spruce. He waved to the mother who waved back after glancing up from her magazine. “Hello!” she called out with a bright smile. “Girls, why don’t you sell the nice man some lemonade?”

“Yes!” the girls squealed with joy as they looked expectantly up at the friend. “Would you like to buy some lemonade?” asked one of the girls with the bright blue eyes.

“Yes!” the other one agreed. “It’s wonderful and we have some ice cubes right in…” she paused and looked in the cooler at their feet. “Oh no!”

“What is it?” Jack asked sympathetically.

“The ice,” the blue eyed girl complained. “It’s all gone.”

“Mama!” the other girl called out. “We need more ice.”

“Our power is out Sally,” the mother answered. “No more ice.”

Jack smiled comfortingly at the girls. “Well then I’ll take a glass without ice.”

“But it won’t be cold lemonade without the ice,” Sally pointed out.

“Yeah,” the blue-eyed girl agreed. “We advertised cold lemonade.”

The guy laughed. “Well I won’t hold it against you this time…”

The girls smiled and sold him a glass of lemonade for five cents and he went merrily on his way. It wasn’t so refreshing but it did temporarily quench his thirst and he knew that he had done a good deed by helping the girls out with their fledgling business.


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