This is pure goo from the brain…

“Ladies and gentlemen of the tribes, welcome to our new meeting place on this delectable of days…”

Brisa tuned out after that statement. She was not one to agree with their current situation being overly and extremely beautiful. She knew as did everyone there who was standing around her that the day was the beginning of the end. Some might thing that it was the end of the beginning, but she didn’t agree.

The four tribes had lived apart for so long, the fact that they were coming together now was just an insane and crazy idea.

“…we welcome you to join our groups. The balance must be maintained and…”

Carl, a man standing a few feet away from Brisa scoffed at the notion of balance. He was a member of the Pegasus tribe. He knew more than anyone that stability and balance was an illusion. The wind was the only constant and it was so unpredictable that nothing could be counted on.

“If we reach upwards while still maintaining our roots then…”

Terra tuned out at that point. She was a member of the Sphinx tribe and as a being of the earth she knew that there was no way that they as a people could reach upwards considering the fact that they had just thrown history of thousands of years away.

“…and if we work together…”

Zi laughed. He couldn’t work together with anyone, no matter who they were or how hard they tried. The other tribe members were so inferior and his phoenix mentality meant that he would someday rule the world.

“So thank you once again,” the announcer finished. “And may you all go in peace.”

Peace. That was such a funny word, for a highly funny delectable day.

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