“Oh me, oh my, the feelings I have for you my love are completely ineffable and–“
“Stop!” the director cried out with a sigh, causing the actors on stage to groan quietly under their breaths. “Take five…”
As the director stalked away, the two leads turned back to each other before breaking out into giggle.
“Ineffable?” the female lead asked with a snort. “Who write this stuff?”
“The director does,” the male lead responded. “Apparently.”
“Yeah but it’s so Victorian,”
“Stone age is more like it.”
The female lead nodded. “That’s for sure…”
Quickly before the male lead could do anything she swiped his script and began reading out the highlighted line. “The feelings I have for you my love is are completely ineffable and I just want you to know that no matter whatever come, we shall weather the storm together.”
The male lead took back his script. “That’s not a very good impression of me,”
The female pouted. “You angry?”
He shook his head. “Oh no,” he began as he took a step towards her.
“Then what?”
The male said nothing, he just raised his eye brow and reached out for the girl.

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