This is my hand at trying mystery…the inspiration ran out rather quickly and I’m not sure if I like it or not, hmm…that doesn’t bode well for November.

Empty. The safe was completely and utterly empty. The box which had been filled to the brim, so full that you could not make out a single square millimetre of grey steel was now empty and the grey steel shone under the halogen lights, mocking the detective as she stood there pondering. “Now this is going to be a challenge,” she muttered to herself as she regarded the scene. “Not only do we have no finger prints which could have seriously helped us with this case, but we also have no security cameras and no possible suspects.” She sighed and looked to her partner in crime. “What do you think Jason?”

Jason, a tall and handsome man by any definition of the word just looked at the lead detective and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know,” he admitted with a sigh. “I mean, a crime has been committed here obviously and yet we have no leads.”

“There has got to be a lead,” the detective corrected. “We just haven’t found any yet.”

“No,” Jason agreed. “And we’re not going to find any until forensics come back.”

The detective nodded. “That’s going to be a couple hours at the least so lets go interview the employees. Maybe they know something…”

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