Unbreakable, the thing was unbreakable. No matter how hard she wacked it against the walls, the floor or even on one occasion the cieling, it just wouldn’t break. “I don’t understand it,” she told herself as she stared at the little piece of metal. “You’re not that strong. You’re not that great. Why the hell areyou able to withstand such an onslaught?”

Of course, talking to a little piece of metal was useless. The item wasn’t so important, just a relic of a relationship gone bad and she was heck sure that she didn’t want it hanging around her house anymore. To make matters worse she really didn’t want to throw the thing away because that would have been far to simple. She wanted the satisfaction, the utter satisfactio n and pleasure of destroying the thing herself. But of course, her well laid plans eventually always seemed to fall apart.

“Well I guess if I can’t break you alone,” she muttered wistfully as she stared at the item in questino. “Then I’m going to need some help.”

WIth that she left the item on the table where it sat while she went to the next room to make a phone call. “Yes Carla?” she asked into the mouth piece, glad to know that her firend had actually been the one to pick up on the other end of the line. “I need to get rid of the funniest thing… yes it was from Paul…no I don’t want to throw it out….” she paused and listened to the chatter on the other end. When her friend Carla began to talk it was a near unbreakable stream of chatter which made her head spin. “…No!” she exclaimed finally, getting a word in edge wise. “You can’t have it; if you want to help me then you can come over here with your blowtorch and we can roast the sucker.”

Her friend laughed and she felt her unease dissapearing. “Alright,” she concluded finally. “See you in a bit.”

She hung up the the phone and turned to the little piece of work. “Well my little friend,” she began with some enthusiasm. “You’re life on this earth is soon to be at an end. “I have had a great amount of fun letting you best me, but your unbreakable nature will soon be broken…”


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