Family, you can’t ignore the fact that family is the most important thing in the world for they are (or rather they should) with you every step of your journey through life. The rag-tag group was a family though they wouldn’t be assumed to be so. There were people from every walk of life, and the six of them were closer than anyone would believe. They weren’t family by blood, but they were family out of necessity. Questing across the world had brought them closer together. They had saved their lines more often than any of them would care to count, and there had been lots of joyful journeying along the way.

True, that this little family had had its share of drama, quests going off the proven path, arguments between would-be leaders and a couple triangles and quadrangles were either in process or were in the process of healing but in the end it didn’t matter. They would all be willing to die for each other, and as they faced down their toughest challenge yet, that notion really hit home.

“Are we sure that we want to do this?” the leader asked. He was a strong man with dark skin and broad shoulders. His white clothing shone like a beacon in the glowing dark and contrasted against his skin. “I know that we don’t really have a choice,” he continued, turning to his five friends. “But we could always walk away.”

There was silence for a couple minutes as everyone contemplated what he was saying. Could they really abandon the quest now? Could they really walk away and live their lives out in peace?

“No way,” the youngest of the group spoke up, coming to stand by the leader whom she had an unrequited crush on. “We’ve come this far. We can’t stop now.”

“Allie’s right,” another member of the group spoke up as he too joined the leader and the girl making the duo a trio. “The whole point was to get to this point, everything has been leading to it…to leave now would just be…”

“Stupid,” a fourth member of the group interjected as she stood beside Allie. “So we go for it?”

The fifth member of the group nodded. “Come hell or high water,” he began with a smile as he stood beside Allie. “We get the job done.”

Five pairs of eyes looked to the last member of their group. She was tall, thin and beautiful. If her life hadn’t been overtaken by the quest she would have been living life in high society, far away from all the trouble that had been wrought upon them and she of all of them had been the one who had been most least likely to go on the quest. Yet she had come along because she had been eyeing the leader for some time before the proverbial shit hit the fan.

“So Cara?” asked the leader as he took a step forward. “Are you in? Or are you out?”

Silence, a heavy silence passed and the girl did not speak.

“It’s okay,” the leader continued accepting her unspoken choice with as much dignity as he could muster. “None of us had to take up this quest, and you certainly don’t have to do anything that you…”

“Oh would you let someone else talk Alex for once in your life,” Cara interrupted as she took some strides forward. “Yes, none of us needed to get put on this path. The quest has been voluntary until now but what kind of person would I be if I abandoned my family at this crucial point…” she paused and looked each of them in the eyes. “…win or lose we do it together, right?”

The other four nodded in agreement and the leader brought her in for a good hug. When he pulled away he turned and lead his merry band of followers into the unknown. Their final challenge was at hand and even though there was a slim chance of them coming through it alive…they were facing it together because they were family. And that’s what family does for one another.

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