The beads of sweat were gathering on his forehead even though there was no real reason for him to be so agitated. He was watching a scary movie, not the parody entitled the same, but an actual bonafide scary movie which was frightening him on purpose. It was all about the devil worming his way into the mind of a young girl and causing her to go on a rampage in the small town where she lived. All in all, the acting was quite bad and the special effects were nothing to write home about but it was still an actually decent movie that had his heart rate up and his breathing to quicken.

“Oh please!” the latest victim on the scream cried out, causing the entire audience to panic. “Please don’t do this. You’re my daughter. Please…”

The little girl possessed by the devil showed no recognition on her face. Instead she wore a maniacal smile and moved ever closer.

“Please…” the mother pleaded. “Please…”

The screen faded to black as the mother screamed and one of those post scripts began to fade in and out. It said how the mother was found dead, with the little girl nowhere to be found. It went on to say how the town eventually recovered, trying to put the horror of the couple months behind them but how they couldn’t fully forget what had happened because of the thought that the little girl was still out there.

“Ring around a rosie…” the little girl’s voice sang in a creepy tone as the credits began to roll. “A pocket full of posies. Hush-a, hush-a…we all fall down.”

When the lights came up, the guy wiped the beads of sweat from his brow, swearing to himself that he would never actively seek out to be frightened on purpose again. It just wasn’t a whole lot of fun…or so he deluded himself into thinking.

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