“DOn’t be afraid,” he said, but I was sure that it was just to spite me. How could I not be afraid? I was facing a monster. He was a monster…well alright he wasn’t quite a monster but a dragon and I hated dragons!
“Please,” he continued in a deep voice. “I’m not going to hurt you.”
“Course you are,” I countered angrily. “You’re a dragon. You kill and maim and eat little babies.”
The dragon laughed. “Why do you stupid humans always think the worse of creatures who don’t look like you.”
“That’s not true,” I interjected, horrified that he was calling me a stupid human.
“Oh isn’t it?” he asked.
“I’m not stupid.” I corrected. “I believe in facts.”
“And have you seen a dragon killing, eating and maiming things?”
I paused and throught back to things. I realized that the dragon was right. I had never seen a dragon eating a baby. I had never seen a dragon maiming a person. In fact, the only thing that I could remember was that colossal black dragon killing my father when I was twelve. So I brought that up.
The dragon before me was shocked, and rather sorry that such an event had happened. “Dragons are tribal beings. They noramally don’t attack unless they have been theatened.”
“My father wouldn’t threaten a dragon,” I snapped. “He was a famer. Not a hunter.”
The dragon before me sighed. “Still, it would not have been surprising if your father had come across a buried dragon egg in his fields. Earth dragons often like the newly tilled earth to hide their young. If your father was going to destroy that egg, the dragon could have retaliated.”
I didn’t want to believe the dragon but I rememebred that day cearly. My father was tilling the ground and I did remember seeing a rather odd and large looking rock protruding from the ground. I couldn’t belive it. My entire world was shaken and I slumped to the ground, trying to catch my bearings…but as the world swam before me and the memories and all the tales of dragon lore swirled around my head I realized that I wouldn’t be able to think about anything the same, ever again.

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