It was all in the chase. He didn’t care about the catch. In fact the catch was over far too quickly. He liked getting inside the head of his prey. He liked seeing the fear on their face as they looked back into t shadows. He liked smelling their panic as he closed the circle in around them. As a vampire, the chase was a drug. But the one thing about drugs was that sometimes they turned out to be toxic to the body–and for him, his current prey was proving to be just that.

“I know you’re out there,” she began loudly and confidently. “So why don’t you just show yourself.”

He didn’t move. He didn’t dare bring her attention to him. He watched as she searched the shadows, her eyes flickering to every fragmented moment. She knew what was haunting her, and she was determined to bring it out.

“I know what you are,” she contiued, hoping to bait the son-of-a-bitch into attacking. He would have no idea what hit him, and it would be one more notch in her belt. “I know that you’re a vampire and I want you to know, that I’m not scared of you.”

For him, that was the last straw. He could abide a lot of things in his potential victims, but outright defiance was not one of them. And so, without a second thought he launched himself out of the shadows prepared to stop the chase once and for all.

Little did he know that he had picked the wrong girl to try and kill. She was a vampire slayer and before he could even react, she drove a rhowan wood stake right through his heart. His body continued forward and the momentum knocked them both to the ground. He had no choice but to stare at his killer in the face as the undead life slowly ebbed from him. He could see the sense of pride and accomplishment in her eyes and he knew that that look would haunt him for all eternity in hell.


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