“I don’t have a choice!” she cried, furious, upset and beyond all dissapointed. Dissapointment was the prevailing emotion because she was dissapointed that it was going to end this way. After all the steps that she had taken, after the journey she had fought so hard to get through–it was going to end with her sacrifice. Somehow it didn’t seem fair. Not fair at all, and she had to make him understand that she couldn’t just walk way. Life wasn’t that simple.

“You always have a choice,” he pleaded, taking her hands into his. “For the sake of our daughter–“

“It’s for our daughter that I’m doing this,” she cried, trying to make him understand. “The portal must be sealed. The darkness must be kept at bay. A human sacrifice must be made.”

“But why does it have to be you?” he asked, his heart breaking. “Why does this entire thing have to happen because of you?”

She shrugged her shoulders and turned away. “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was touched by the gods and now I have to deal with it. It wasn’t my choice but I have to do this.”

He nodded. As much as he was lothe to admit it, he knew that she was right. With a final passionate kiss goodbye, he watched as the love of his life walked into the oncoming storm, never to be seen again.

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