Prompt 2 "ROUTINE"

The routine was only going to last for four minutes, but it was going to be the longest four minutes of her life. She was a figure skater at the highest level and it was her turn to perform what she hoped to be a gold medal winning performance. Normally she skated to win, being the competive person that she was but this one competition was psyching her out. And why shouldn’t this one competition not psyche her out–it was the freaking olympic games after all.

The announcer called out her name and she had to get herself in the zone. She turned away from her coach and took a couple of calming breaths before skating out the centre ice. Four minutes, she told herseld. The routine is only going to take four minues. You can do it. You’ve done it a thousand times. Just skate.

She took her opening position and held it shakily. She was nervous, very nervous and no amount of mental berating would get her to calm down, not with the first strains of her music already coming out loud and clear. There was a moment where she felt completly frozen but when the time in the music came for her to move, her body moved.

There was no reason to fear, muscle memory took over and before she knew it the routine was over. It had all gone by in a blur that she wasn’t even aware of how she skated, but when her ears acknowledged the screaming and roaring of the crowd she knew that she had skated her routine to the best of her ability, and she could do nothing more but wait and hope that it would garner the marks would place her above the rest of the field.

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