2009 NANO DAY 2

Title: My Life of a Teenage Witch
Word Count: 3370
# of 6×9 Pages Handwritten: 37

I kept on breathing in and out until I suddenly found myself staring at a crystal lake with mountains of green in the background. In that moment I wasn’t sure if I was awake or dreaming and after a moment the sun on the water blinded me and I could suddenly see a female form silhouetted against the sky. My heart constricted and I thought in my soul that I knew the figure. I reached out and the image shattered like an image on water, to the clang of a bell.

My eyes opened and I saw that our meditative time was over. Our coven was gathering but I was too stunned to move. The vision I had had, the figure bathed in light, the natural scene, I wasn’t sure whether or not I had been blessed with a vision of the Lady or if—

Now it is time for bed.

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